Roses in glass

There’s no better way to show your love for someone than by giving them a rose, beautifully encased in glass. Also known as the Beauty and the Beast enchanted hourglass, this is one of the best gifts you can find on the market, especially because the beautiful flower is an everlasting rose.

These roses are specially designed to make your home look beautiful no matter where they are displayed, lending great delicacy and elegance to any space. This means that your rose will look beautiful in any corner of your home, and will make your expression of love eternal.

Our roses make the perfect gift for any special occasion, especially because they are 100% natural roses, encased in glass. What makes them special is that they have gone through a preservation process that will keep them beautiful for many years to come.

Remember that the love between Beauty and the Beast was eternal, and for this reason these roses have a beautiful symbolic meaning.

Give the gift of flowers in glass

An everlasting rose in a belljar is the perfect gift for any kind of special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays or an anniversary. By buying these preserved roses, you will be proving that your love is real, and they will be perfect for anyone you care about.

Since this beautiful piece is a preserved rose encased in a glass belljar, you can display it anywhere you like without any issues. Moreover, they are the perfect thing to create a very romantic atmosphere in your home, and they are very versatile, adapting to any kind of decor.

Remember that this is an everlasting flower, full of meaning, which will make it easy to express your love for that special someone.

Why buy an everlasting rose in glass?

Remember that the reason why buying an everlasting rose encased in glass is such a great option is because it’s a gift that will stand the test of time. Bear in mind that the dome is merely a decorative element; the rose can remain in perfect condition even without it.

However, thanks to the glass bell jar, you will be able to enjoy your rose in perfect condition for much longer, because it will provide extra protection. In terms of caring for your everlasting rose, all you need to do is avoid direct sunlight and humidity in order to keep them in perfect condition.

We do not recommend that you touch the flower petals, since this could shorten their lifespan or even break them. It’s also not a good idea to water your rose, as it will last much longer without you doing so.

Top-quality domes, vases and glasses

To help you choose that special gift for your loved one, we offer the best shopping options and the lowest prices. We can send your everlasting rose in a glass bell jar directly to you at home.

If you’d like your gift to be a surprise, we can send your everlasting rose wherever you would like, so that you can give your git in a truly unique way. This would undoubtedly be a great way of giving the lucky recipient a very special surprise.

We offer a top-quality home delivery system, which makes sure that you can enjoy all the benefits we offer as an online florist. In our shop, you will be able to find lots of different options to help you give your gift to that special person.

You don’t have to worry about a thing, because we will take care of all the little details to make your gift unique. What’s more, we can also personalise your gift with a card so that your gift will always be exactly how you want it. We offer the best preserved flowers on the market, so that you can treat your special someone to a truly unique and special gift.

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