Flowers in a box

We offer many different options so you can choose your favourite colour combinations, and so that these flowers can be more than just a gift. You can also enjoy them as high-quality decorative roses, and at our shop you can find everything you are looking for, conveniently in one place.

A boxed flower arrangement is a very original option, which means that it’s a great choice to buy for yourself or give as a gift. In any case, you will enjoy top-quality flowers and a fantastic gift option.

Boxed roses online

We offer a large catalogue of boxed roses, which are perfect for giving as gifts on special occasions. The perfect gift would be a box of flowers complemented by chocolates: undoubtedly a truly unique gift for that special someone.

We offer you a wide variety of boxes for your flowers, made from both cardboard and perspex, which means that you have a lot of options to choose from. This means that when it comes to giving a special gift, you can choose the style you like the most and we are sure that your special someone will love their surprise.

They are ideal for any kind of occasion, such as engagements, events, birthdays, Valentine’s Day. If you add chocolates for that extra-special touch, your flowers are guaranteed to be a success, and you can be sure of receiving a top-quality product.

Top-quality boxed flowers

Depending on the occasion, you can choose different shapes for your boxes. You can choose between the following options: heart-shaped box, round box or square box. We can also deliver a bouquet of high-quality roses to your door, at the lowest prices on the market.

These are a great option because they will always be very elegant flowers, which you can use to surprise someone. Either way, your gift is sure to impress, and all our pieces are all made with the utmost care to make sure that every detail is perfect.

This way, you can be sure that you will surprise your special someone, and you will enjoy a top-quality product that makes an excellent gift. We can create a special design to suit any occasion, making sure that you receive a unique and eye-catching boxed bouquet.

Boxed roses delivered to your door

If you would like to give your special someone a gift of boxed roses, you’re in the right place! Our catalogue is one of the widest on the market, so we can offer you all the best options. You’re sure to find something that’s just what you were looking for.

What’s more, shopping at our florist’s is very easy, because all you have to do is select the perfect product from our catalogue. You can be sure of receiving a high-quality, versatile product.

We deliver top-quality boxes of eternal roses to your door. This means that you can place your order and even send them directly to your special someone as a surprise.

Simply place your order, and let us take care of the rest so that you can give unique floral surprise to that special person, consisting of the best products that you can find on the market.

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