Flower letters

Flowers and plants are playing an increasingly important role in decorating homes, businesses and venues for special events. Floral letters are a great option to create a unique decorative look for any event, and also offer a great deal of versatility.

We offer a large catalogue of letters made with preserved flowers, which will last for a long time and won’t require any kind of maintenance. This will allow you to create the perfect decoration, choosing from the diverse catalogue on our website.

Why should you buy preserved flower letters?

Remember that what makes preserved flowers such a great option compared to letters made with natural flowers is their long lifespan. This means that you will be able to enjoy your decorations in perfect condition for much longer.

At our online shop, we offer initials made with preserved roses that you can use to decorate your spaces in a really unique and special way. You can choose a name, or another word that holds a lot of symbolism for you. These will make lovely decorations that will retain their beauty for a long time.

You can choose between many different styles for your letters, including letters made from moss, wild flowers or simply preserved roses. This gives you a great deal of versatility when choosing your flowers, whilst also ensuring the process is as easy and simple as possible.

Top-quality preserved flower letters

Our decorated letters are made with many different types of preserved flowers, which means that you will have a great choice of decorations to choose the perfect one for every the situation. In our online shop, you will find a wide variety of options made with flowers that look freshly-cut, and won’t wilt at all.

We work using the very best floral preservation processes to allow us to offer you letters made with top-quality flowers. What’s more, the flowers will last for a long time without breaking, or any other kind of deterioration.

All our letters are made using natural flowers that have gone through a preservation process that replaces the plant’s natural sap and water. This allows us to freeze the flowers in time, and offer you flowers that are at the peak of their beauty.

Long-lasting floral letters

We offer top-quality flowers that can last for three years in perfect condition, making sure that you can enjoy them for a long time. However, if you avoid exposure to direct sunlight and humidity and provided that you don’t water them, they can easily last for ten years.

For this reason, they are a very inexpensive option when making decorations, because they will not wither in a few hours or days. They will remain in perfect condition for years.

Top-quality floral letters, delivered to your door

If you would like to receive your top-quality floral letters at home, we can offer you excellent options so you can enjoy a fantastic product. We offer top-quality preserved flower letters, so you can be sure of receiving quality flowers delivered directly to your door/

Whichever option you choose, we will send you your flowers as quickly as possible, always making sure that you receive a top-quality product. This means that you will receive top-quality flowers at a very low price, and you can enjoy some truly unique options when decorating with floral letters.

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